Your Personal Marketing Assistant has the skills you need to make your business a SUCCESS!

  • No matter how good you are at what you do, no business can succeed without good marketing.
  • You know you need to keep your business in the public eye, but that takes time you don’t have and, let’s be honest, do you really know what will work best?
  • All businesses need a cohesive and professional brand online, good positioning on the Internet, and a user-friendly website, but you’ve got a business to run and you’re not a Media Guru.
  • You know there’s things you should be doing––like staying in touch with past clients and contacts––but you don’t have the time to do it yourself or the money to invest in hiring someone.
  • Your wish-list is filled with concepts that you know will help bring in clients––but who knows when you’ll get to it or figure out how to implement any of your big ideas.

Your Personal Marketing Assistant is:


Someone who knows marketing and will work with you to create a truly effective plan for you, including the perfect brand.


Both a hard-working assistant and a creative and competent technical consultant who can take over all your online needs from web-design to positioning on Social Media to tracking the success of your marketing campaigns.

Graphic Laptop

A graphic designer who can provide you with everything from images for a Powerpoint presentation, logos, or stationary.


Someone who can create a system designed for your specific needs that makes sure you never lose touch with any of your clients.

And, best of all, Your Personal Marketing Assistant gives you all the benefits of an employee without the costs.

This is just a sample of how Your Personal Marketing Assistant can help.

  • Web Site Maintenance

    Your site needs to be updated on a regular basis, with information, tips, and other cool things you do.

  • Newsletters

    Newsletters are a sure way to keep your clients updated on your business, industry news and information.

  • Graphic Design

    With our graphic design services we can create marketing pieces that are consistent with your branding.

  • Social-Media

    Social Media

    We will set up your Social Media accounts and postings with relative and valuable content.

How Your Personal Marketing Assistant Will Save You Money & Time

Everything about Your Personal Marketing Assistant is designed to fit your time, situation, and budget. Your Personal Marketing Assistant is a Virtual Employee so there’s no overhead. When you utilize Your Personal Marketing Assistant, you only pay for time they spend working on your projects. You’ll always know what you’ll be billed for on a monthly basis.

Hiring An Employee Is Expensive—Especially One With Advanced Marketing And Computer Skills. Interviewing and training employees takes time and money. Then there’s the cost of employee benefits such as health insurance, employee-related benefits, payroll, and taxes. The more highly trained a person is, the more you have to pay them. It makes no sense to hire someone who’s great at one job, like running your office, and then waste their time and your money having them do things they’re not able to do well when you can temporarily hire someone who can give you what you need quickly and efficiently.

Save on Office Space and Overhead. Since Your Personal Marketing Assistant is a Virtual Employee, there’s no need to buy a new desk, purchase a computer, or buy more office supplies. Your Personal Marketing Assistant uses their own resources. This is a win particularly if you happen to work remotely or independently yourself.

What Your Personal Marketing Assistant Can Do For You:

Create and design an overall marketing plan and then assist in implementing it:

  • Creating your brand that easily identifies what makes your business special.
  • Create, maintain, and update your website, Social Media, and Blog, among others.
  • Set up landing pages.
  • Put together the mechanics and then track the analytics of any email campaign.
  • Handle all your graphic design needs whether online or on paper.
  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations.
  • Create interactive pages on your website so you can easily get necessary information from your clients without taking up your time.
  • Create a program that keeps track of clients and contacts that works seamlessly with any marketing campaign.
  • And whatever else you need to make your business grow.

Ready to be a Rock Star?

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